Kickstarter Cancelled, but Pre-Orders Soon!

Hey Everyone,

Wow it’s been an eventful past month!

First off, we’ve cancelled our Kickstarter. Like many other Kickstarter campaigns, we launched it a bit early and had too high of a goal to reach before the time was over. Even though we did only have 300 Facebook fans when we first launched, we were able to raise $12k in pledges through our awesome perks.

We’ve decided to do a major update to our website to allow anyone to build their own custom game right on the site! We’ll be launching the new site (same url) later this week with an area that you can reserve a pre-order on. We’ll have a discount for being an early supporter of Gamester as well.

So excited to see all the great games everyone makes with Gamester. Thanks for all of your support!

~ Jaime