First Orders COMPLETE!

It’s been a super stressful past few weeks getting everything in order, but we pulled it off!  We’ve completed all of our holiday pre-orders and every single one of them LOVED it!  Here are some quote from our pre-order customers:

“I LOVE my Gamify game!”

“What?! A game about me? Ohhh man, I need to beat this thing right now.”

“It looks just like me!”

“He said it was the best gift he’s ever gotten. Thank you so much for doing this.”

🙂 THIS is why I chose to make games as my career. I love making people happy and creating great moments in people’s lives.  Knowing that we brought people together through our games makes it all worth it.


Some even got a shirt to go with their game!




Now time to plan out our next steps really polish this up and make it easier to create games for people you love!  We’ll be taking more orders soon. Hang tight 🙂