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Giant Fox Studios has been a company for 4 years. We have 160+ published games across the web and mobile app stores. We’ve hit the top 10 in the iOS app store several times, the first time being in 2012. Some of our games have over 20 million plays at this point. The company founder, Jaime Fraina, has worked various roles in the game industry over the past 10 years including Creative Director at and Producer at High 5 Games.  We have years of experience in gaming, creating great products that customers love, understand the mobile landscape better than any other small game studio, and our games continue to thrive in the competitive mobile market. We are very excited for this new project and, based on our experience, believe it has huge potential.




In early 2015, my friend Jackie asked me to make a game for her anniversary. I loved the idea so much but when I asked her what the budget would be, she said $50. If I tell that to anyone in the game industry, they laugh and say it’s impossible. I wasn’t going to give up that easy, so I had one of our artists draw characters based on Jackie and her boyfriend and I coded the game myself.


The game Princess In Peril is entirely based about them. The art is all custom-drawn by an artist to look exactly like them, all the enemies are based on their favorite animals, the music is a track Jackie selected, the colors of the UI are their favorite colors, and Jackie helped design the intro story and gameplay. We made the game as much about them as a couple as we possibly could, and on their anniversary, Jackie showed Patrick the game. He LOVED it. He sat there and played through the whole game in 2 hours. Both of them couldn’t thank us enough for the amazing unique gift and the enjoyment it brought them.


After I started to promote it a bit there was an overwhelming demand of personalized games from my friends and family. Everyone wanted to experience the unique feeling of being the hero in a full game. I quickly realized this thing was going to be bigger than just 1 free game for a friend and that I could really use my skills to bring couples, families, and friends closer together with a new way to give a gift. I spent the past few months designing out an automated system that could reduce development time almost entirely so anyone could make a game as a gift for a loved one for whatever price they can afford.


We’ll be ready to start taking orders soon! Looking forward to sharing this with the rest of the world!