Games Starring You!

Create your own mobile or web games that have you or a friend as the main characters!

Customize everything from story, genre, art style, gameplay, and even add your own voice acting.

Know someone that loves gaming? Gamester allows you to easily make a game entirely based on them.


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Photo Character
Photo Character
Fully customize everything in the game yourself! Your character will just use your photo.
Drawn Character
Drawn Character
Have a custom character drawn in the game based on a photo you upload.
Style :

Your game will be ready to play on the web within 2 weeks and will be one of the first games available on the mobile version once it is released later this summer.

After you check out, you will be redirected to a page where you can fill in the rest of your game info’s. We’ll email an update on your order within 24 hours to the email address associated with your payment.

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How It Works





You can even pick an art style for our artists to draw you in:


When you’re done making your game you can decide if you want any swag to go with your game like a T-shirt or poster!


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Feel The Bern / Space Trump

In the game Feel The Bern, it’s up to Bernie Sanders to save the world from the 1%ers who stole all the high res graphics! And Trump is set on making space great again and is flapping his way through gangs of space pirates in Space Trump. These are just 2 examples of the many games we can make with Gamester.

Full Playcrafting Demo

This video shows a fan making and playing her own game while we were demoing Gamester at PlaycraftingNYC’s Spring Expo. Out of the 100+ games that were presented at the expo, we were chosen to win a free place to showcase Gamester at Casual Connect in San Fran! We’ll be there in July to show off a more complete demo, stop by our booth to try the mobile version of Gamester.

PAX East Voice Acting Demo

 During the 3 days of PAX East in Boston, MA, we handed out 3000 flyers, and created about 100 games for anyone that stopped by our booth. We had a lighting station to take the perfect selfie and even a sound booth to record your voice acting. The kids LOVED recording and hearing their own voices in the game. Here you can see one of them recording his sounds and playing his game!

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